Sunday, 25 May 2014

Intuition - Advantages and Disadvantages

Some Advantages of Intuition :

Allow you a possible understanding of how a situation may pan out

Allow you to make safe relationships with those that are compatible with you

Bring you closer to your Inner Truth

Give you a sense of direction in life

Allow you to walk with confidence and courage

To have an inner strength that you consult with

Connect you to your Divine Soul in Source/ Heaven

To assist you in realising that you are 'not alone'

Some disadvantages to Intuition

Clarity is not always assumed

Confusion between what you are intuiting vs your Ego mind

It takes some time to build up trust in it

Learn by acting on your intuition but takes faith

Not learned in daily human life in a school but through experience

It is a pathway in developing your intuition lovelies - and it can take some time, trial and error and belief that you are not imagining things that are occurring around you. This can be effected by your social and inner beliefs - especially regard to Self . But remember - everyone has the ability to build on their intuition and is not for just the 'special'

So what do you think, some of the Positives and Negatives of Intuition are for you ?

Phoenix Paton

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