Saturday, 13 February 2016

All to be Winners

Making the right choices for you allows you to establish a semblance of control in your development as a human being that is spiritually enlightened. We are here to have an experience based around your choices that you made prior incarnation, and choices that you make as the person that is You! Take note of who you are right here, right now. Your physicality, the heart that is beating in your chest that radiates outside of your body. A masterpiece of collective consciousness and matter based on your chosen perfection.

You are all such amazing in your individual perfection but together you all make up the colors of the rainbow - needed to keep balance, diversity, understanding of all types of energies flowing through you and others to help humanity reach its highest potential. No one is better, no one is superior to the other - ALL is needed - to maintain the balance and each effects the other in action, emotion - like the rippling pond as the stone is cast into it.

Because of this it is important to realise that we need to be mindful of our thoughts and how we react to others. Ensure that your heart response is the foremost motivator in how you are with others going through a variety of experiences. Although on the surface it may appear as though a person has it 'easier than' , ' wealthier than' you but know that everyone has their trials and tribulations - a smile , a small acknowledgement that they are worthy or beautiful can make all the difference to EVERYONE. And because of this action - you will start the momentum of LOVE to flow through you all this week - with ease and peaceful understanding. All wins when we do this - so it is time for ALL to be winners.

Phoenix Paton©

Friday, 3 April 2015

Soul Tone : Purpose, Title and Description


You and Your Soul Tone(s)

Many weeks ago following my Soul Purpose Colors insight from Cheron - I was driving the children to school, and this song on my spotify playlist came on and one part of it I was informed to share this with people because the tones within one aspect of the song reveals a strong Soul purpose based on what tone they were attracted too.
I was a little hesitant to go into this - more so than the colors - because like colors tone is hugely variant and how can a few tones reveal a Soul purpose aspect. Yup I resisted and was not sure how to do this and put it in the too hard basket.

However in the last 2-3 weeks I bit the bullet and with Cheron, Staritza and myself brought forward based on the tones in this snippet - Your Soul Purpose Title in your current Human incarnation.

I am curious to know how people respond and resonate with this so please comment below. Music is a key thing in my life and you may find that many tones work for you.. so be it - will just make the work you have to do on earth more flavourful hehe seems to be a catch phrase of the weekend for me!
ANYWAY - Please go to this  YOU TUBE VIDEO

Listen to it , be absorbed by it but then focus from the time from 4:23 until 5:24 chose the MAIN tone that you resonate with (note the time stamp) - the one you really FEEL to the core and then I will reveal what this may say about your Soul Purpose in life.
This will go hand n hand with your Soul Purpose Color which you can locate here...

4:23  /   4.47   /   5.11

When you connect with this tone, you have a very questioning nature , you look at the world very differently which allows you to see things from a different angle - it is okay to be different - regardless of what people are telling you. This connection allows you to see the woods for the trees as long as you can see the trees rather than focusing on the woods yourself.

When people connect to this tone - it sometimes allows them to wander a little in life - and because of this it makes them feel as though they do not have any roots to connect too but this is social illusion. You are connecting to a great many things and seeing the truth behind the illusion. If we were to give you a title it would be - Illusionist Revealer.

Much of your life will be about bringing down the veil and seeing the truth for how it really is... and finding peace with the diversity of everything that has occurred to you , with the situations and people that you find yourself surrounded by. They are there for this very reason - to see the beauty in diversity

4:24 / 4.36 /  4.49 /  5.00 /  5.12 /  5.24

You are the guide for many in this life time and to be able to connect the dots - so to speak - you need to see the dots for how they are. Oh you are most likely wondering what are dots - dots are things like people, nature, happenstance, bread crumbs from Hansel and Gretel. If you can see the dots or the sequencing of events you will see how everything is correlated. You can almost describe it like DNA sequencing - we are not saying that things need to be placed in order; they just need to be acknowledge, before, during or after the placement.

Take a look around you - are you an organiser or attempt to keep things in order? This is a good attribute however you need to be mindful that you allow surprises to bring flavour into all your experiences. It is the surprises that show you how to enjoy the moment - to be able to see the joy and fun and happiness in all situations. Not all things can be in sequence - as long as the functioning product comes together in the end.

You do find it easy to become bored even though you do organise and sequence which is why the surprises are very important in your life so be grateful for them for they keep you on track.

People who attribute themselves to this tone are either first born, or those that find themselves in leadership positions. You need to allow people to bring their flavour to any given situation that you are involved in. Take a moment to follow the breadcrumbs and the gingerbread house will be revealed to partake in.

Do you associate with animals of flight a lot? Hoan in to that energy for it allows you to embrace the potential to take off and soar in this current lifetime allowing you the freedom to bring forward all sequences into place with ease. Resistance leads to times of confusion and disparity. Take flight and see your potential

If we were to give YOU a title with this associated tone in life - it would “Leader of the Way" as overwhelming as that may be - you will be supported, guided and during the times of feeling isolated - remember there are those there to help you always.

4.29 / 4.41

New lease of life - the people of this tone choice has - they are moving into new avenues of Soul learning and that is why you see the world with rose tinted glasses. An aspect of your current perceived reality is going to allow some flavour into your Soul through expression of love, understanding, and recognition of things needed to bring all things into play. 

The reason why you having this Soul Life experience is to ensure that you bring forward aspects of potential regardless of adversity or challenge. It is entirely up to you how you view your current life because it would be very easy for some to place blame, or externalise it so that you take no ownership for it.

You are the Cosmic teacher for your life at this time - bringing all into collective empowerment but how you do this is entirely up to you. As long as you keep a strong objective to raise above challenge you will succeed with flying colors. You may feel a push at some point in your life to share the knowledge you have gained and teach in your way – attempt not to resist however if you do it will allow more information to fill your HumanSoul toolbox to share in the right time for you.

430  /   442  /   4.53  /   5.18

People who are connected to these tones are experiencing a life where they are spreading their wings to either fly gently or soar wildly. When you allow yourself to unfurl your wings then it is easier to do so and at times when life through your curve balls it feels as though it is not safe to unfurl them, but just imagine the view when you take flight and see just how insignificant a lot of your illusions that have been placed in human sight - get revealed and Replaced in Soul sight.

You also have the ability to uplift others with your purest of hearts and spirit. Like moths to a flame - you are the light that helps guide the way for a great many people but first and foremost you need to shine the light brightly so that you can see your way clearly to lead the way! When you can take that leap of faith and take flight you will reach heights you never believed were possible especially in this currently perceived life. If we were to give you a title for your Soul role in your current life it would be “Guardian of Light”.

Question we ask you is - what are you waiting for? A three dimensional flight plan? A push from behind?  All these things that you are placing in your way can be easily removed by yourself - they are self limiting thoughts and walls that you have placed to feel safe.
It is okay to remove them so that you fly your highest dream and turning them into the creative reality that you can envisage for others - so why not for yourself!!!!

435  /    4.52  /  5.17

The people in these tones have a tendancy to stand alone, isolate themselves and by doing this the have many opportunity to see things how they truly are. If we were to give these people a title they would be the Truthslayers because they are part of the faction that are going to bring down the walls of illusion for those in their immediate or global vicinity.

Sometimes it is difficult for them to understand the why's with regard to the stressors in human life and history but once they realise the grand plan and scheme of things then they can assist others in seeing their own truth - their own reality and how they are capable with just the power of thought to bring them all together into their current Now moment.

People of this tone need to be extremely vigilant with their own thought(s) just one spark can create and although that can become a little tiresome to be aware of - the amount of experience that they have is paramount and important for their role in their current perceived life

People resist seeing the truth and with these people they are given reminders that out of all the soul toners - that are within this current collection - they cannot ever hide from the truth - within and without.

The way to make peace with it though is the knowledge that reality can always be created by thought and the power that can invoke for some brings that inner peace amongst the chaos.


When this tone connects to your beautiful Soul - you are people that view life in a way that can be different to others - are you an artist? Musician? Express yourself using other means? Are you emotional?

If we were to give these people who respond to this tone a name it would be ' Seeker' and seekers are there in life to find completed answers to previous experiences in their lives and perhaps provide answers for others because they have this innate knowing of what it is that is the right thing to say and do at a particular moment.

The way they do this is by listening to their strong gut instincts that at times is perfect for survival. Have you had a few close calls in your life that if you had gone one way, then life would be very different for you? Many different Clairs fall under this category, voyance, sentience, cognisant. See / feel / know are talents that you will use to help your current life path.

It is important for you to stop when things get overwhelming and really start to take notice from a Soul perspective of what is going on around you. If you ever feel confused this is a time for you to just relax and call on your natural Soul talent based around the Purpose you are here to do and that is to 'show the right path'. Your Title for this Soul Purpose associated with this tone is “Thought Creator” It is very important that you are mindful that you keep your thoughts as positive as possible to ensure a beautiful uplifting momentum in your life. You can do the opposite if not mindful .


As the sun rise, those that are attracted to this tone will realise that there is a new dawn that brings new opportunities for you at this time regardless of the adventure that lies ahead. Although some find that it is difficult to take the first steps towards avenues that are new - if you can just learn to breathe through the egomind that inhibits your progression and learn to work more from heart space you will find that your purpose in life will flow with ease. Essentially your role title would be " Heart Journeyer"

Conversely if you let the head do the driving of your journey then there will be more experience to be had as you go off on different tangents. Absolutely nothing wrong with this process or choice however you can take the easy road of the scenic route. That choice is up to you. You do not need to learn things the hard way just because you believe that is the ONLY way.

Be aware of Illusions in this life time - you are going to be taught how to see them through experience and that is why in this life you are going to learn the beautiful of Heart Soul connection whilst pacifying the thoughts within. Some may keep in the egomind, which is okay - others will manage to balance the two on an even keel mostly. Enjoy this lifetime for it is going to provide wondrous opportunity to bring forward potential in uniquely simple ways.


These are people who are much grounded, see the woods for the trees, who people gravitate too when they need nurturing and comfort. The only issue with this aspect that lays within you if you are gravitating to this tone is that your natural giving aspects can leave you off balance leaving you drained and feeling as though you are incomplete.

That is because you need to learn that others can give to you just as readily as you can give to others you some may find themselves a little imbalanced with people around them who are in their lives to help support and provide for them. In fact you may find that you can count on one hand how many you fully trust AND fully know you.

You keep things hidden from people and sometimes you keep things hidden from yourself. You will eventually allow some people to see the real you once you understand who that is. Trust in this process and remember that people are worthy of your Trust in them to be there for you. You will soon learn the right ones.

 In this life you will be doing a lot of soul searching from a human perspective and the lessons you learn may not always be the easiest but they are help you remember your strengths , the ability to self honor , and to put yourself first before you put others.

This life time you are going to learn about Self , Worthiness and Understanding that you have something that is needed globally for people on your planet. But first and foremost you need to learn how to utilise GAIA energy to ensure that you can tap into that abundant energy so that you can provide for others as much as you desire too. Because of this you would be given the title role of " Soul Nurturer"  Keep the energy flowing  - with a natural give take balance so that you remain in a state of peace and harmony as you provide service for those around you.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Soul Purpose Colors and Life Definitions

Soul Purpose Colors 

and their definitions

Over the last week I have been drawn to colors and in a chanelled discussion with my channeled partner Cheron , I was informed that we have a Triad of colors that are in plain sight of our daily lives, that are indicative of our Soul Purpose.

"Soul Purpose!" I said, and they replied "yes because we really do not attempt to make life such a mystery, that along side synchronicity there is much information that is around us to assist with direction and understanding."

So then I was encouraged to think about the three main colors that are in my life - and so I did. I became aware of the main colors in my life, my favourite(s) and also what was in 'plain sight'. Two colors popped up immediately. I have loved green all my life, and then when I was in my 20s, the color Red became more dominant. Purple was a strong color then but now the purple has been replaced by YellowOrange. Curious because I did not know why. I cannot wear that color on me but yet I love that color when I create things artistically.

So when I gathered my colors I asked "Now what"

Cheron pointed out that these three [triad] colors represent a balance of our Life Purpose and how they inter-relate with each other then started to reveal what these colors meant.

Here are a brief description of the colors and their meanings. I know that white and black are not necessarily 'colors' but many related to these frequencies and thought I should honor them accordingly.  I do feel like there is a lot more information to come but for now felt the need to help shed some light on to your Soul purpose in your current perceived reality and I look forward to your feedback.


Yellow - knowledge , wisdom, teaching , student , learning , creative, creativity , new beginnings , positive growth , excitement , warmth , joy , explanations revealed

Most who have Yellow in their life can see the positive in most situations, and know what is required to feel the joy in life regardless of hardship. Generally they embrace new experience with passion and push themselves harder than most.

With yellow as a Soul color there are many opportunities for you to learn a variety of lessons for one day you will be teaching others. Where the student transitions into the teacher. As overwhelming as that may be, awareness of the importance to accept all of your life experiences as opportunity for knowledge expansion so that you may assist at a master level for others either in your current life or in a new soul adventure. A choice will be made at some point where you detach from the experience to bring hope, wisdom and light into others lives

So as a student transitioning it is important to understand the nuances of every given situation. Plus also as you gather information your answers to your questions lead to further questions. You will learn to make peace with this process.

In this life you may also gain access to Source wisdom at will and will be gifted with the key to do so to ensure that you reach your Master level without the required life lesson for the incarnate. But true Masters understand that knowledge stems from acceptance of all with humbled abandonment. It does not make you superior; it makes you realize that all fragments of existence makes the collective requirement for vibrational balance.

Yellow green

Connection to earth based teachings, nature advocate, advocate for those less fortunate,  healer or medicine provider (natural or academic), assist awareness for others, natural provider, hoarder

YellowGreen’s have a tendency to over commit because they have a strong desire to bring awareness to others without concern for their own balanced state. It is important that they learn a balance between giving and receiving.  If you are YellowGreen do you find do repeated patterns of over commitment?  Self awareness is a strong lesson for YellowGreen’s and when they do then there is a healthy shift in their approach to assist with global change.

Many learning opportunities are available for YellowGreen’s so that they share their knowledge however it is always best to learn the easy way however most chose the challenged get way to feel as they have greatly achieved. The purpose for their current perceived life is learning to Self Honor and the attainment of balance to allow continued progress in their given life.

They are brilliant at creating something out of nothing because like magpies they keep things along their great their trek in life.


Healer , Nature / Earth Based connection ,  Voice from Gaia , cleansing , clearing , simplifying , direction , path

There is a strong connection to all things on earth when green is in your Soul color triad, whether it is a connection to people, nature, animals, elements. It may vary but you quickly learn how everything is connected in life and not just our perceived life but all the assets of the galaxy, dimension and Source.

Because of this connection understanding energy allows a natural healing state for you, whether it is the ability to receive or provide healing in your way. However you provide needs to be aligned with you own passion and state, so attempting to fit into a structured mold will not always work for you. 

Greens need to follow their own path at their own pace and to do so they need to understand the cycles that lay within and without. Their strong connection allows them to feel deeply so it is important to have strong awareness of self and what balances you so that you can establish what is to be owned by self and what is to be owned by others.

In establishing a healthy relationship with our planet and its cycles, allows the Green to move with the life cycles with ease. When they resist it can unbalance their emotional and physical state which may require assistance from time to time. For greens it is very important to listen to the cycles within and cycles without to ensure that symptoms of resistance do not occur.

Blue green

Environmentalist, teaching awareness, conservationist, bring peace to people when scattered, hand on healer, empathic, works with Natures Spirit and energy

If you connect with the BlueGreen energies your connection with nature and people leads you into areas of support, giving, nature based or healing based activities. Your passion for what is important for not only the people but the land can be empowering and a little frustrating when you see what is occurring to the planet and its people. Sensitive to the needs you have an innate knowing of what it is that is that is needed, the challenge for you in this life is to establish how you go about sharing your knowledge and acquiring information that will help open people’s eyes. You would like nothing more than to see all wars ended, all power games revealed for their truths and would prefer it to be done in a peaceful way rather than come from the warrior.  When you are in states of imbalance the best place for you to be is out in nature especially when life gets overwhelming for you. Nature is your Souls soother and comforter, helping you to realign back into your balanced state.

Once you establish how to voice and share what you gain in your life, then you start to walk your life’s purpose with ease. You certainly do not mind getting down and dirty in making a difference, you are a natural hard worker so ensure that you are aware when you are giving more than you are receiving. Very much the cycles of the seasons affect you so ensure that you allow a natural flow with life’s challenges. Resistance leads to confusion and feeling as though you have lost your way.  GAIA is there to help you find your path once more. Listen to the voices of Nature and you will be guided with ease. What occurs globally and universally can and will affect you so ensure you know what emotions, thoughts and feelings are yours, and what are messages from your cosmic connection to all things.


Seeing the bigger picture, courage, strength, understanding with clarity, brotherhood, sisterhood, collective consciousness, voice of reason

You have this strong desire for all people to get on with each other, to work as one. You understand aspects of the collective consciousness so your path in life is to establish your understanding and role with regard to this. You can be the voice of many if you just learn to trust in it. You do not mind speaking your mind but you are concerned sometimes about the responsibility of your actions. The reasons why you do this are because you are so aware of the nuances of action and what may occur. Do not let this paralyze you. Learn to trust in your own instincts and intuition because you are divinely guided in many ways because of the connection with the collective consciousness.

It takes strength to stand up and be heard so you are going to have many opportunities in life to learn how to do this – to fight for what you believe in. You do prefer to do it passively but you know there comes a time where you need to shout from the rooftops when you keep saying the same thing and no one is shifting. What needs to occur here is you need to shift within yourself. You have the ability to move across the parallels – the multi existences of life. In this life you are going to gain tools in how to do this either at a beginner level all the way to master’s level. The knowledge has been gained from previous life. Although we think we are a clean slate – if we want the information is there to tap into. This life you will learn this.

Blue purple

A visionary, seeing the good in all things, realizing the bigger picture, Truth Sayer, Karma clearance , protector , revealer, Spiritual worker, advocate

You are the vessel of all things if you allow the process in this life time. There are aspects of information that you have no idea where it came from, how you tapped into it. You are able to speak for others when they are unable to do so whether it is for those who are currently walking our earth, or those from Spirit/ Source. Yes you will learn to channel and dependent on the choices you make this lifetime, will determine how far you will move into allowing the process.

If you are not already, you will be drawn to things metaphysical using all different types of modalities and the trick here is not to get too overwhelmed with all the variations that are out there. You are at a time of gathering information. You are going to feel as though you are sponge to absorb all that you get. With each subject, topic you learn, ensure that you discern by bringing it back into heart space and asking yourself “does it feel right for me”. Following your heart in this lifetime will ensure that you will not get so overwhelmed. Mastering heart space is one of your major lessons in life.

This life you are going to be able to clear either yourself, or others, confusion around repeating patterns. These have been termed ‘karma’, but remember that all incarnations are there to give you a varied viewpoint of an experience. Teaching yourself and others that life is to be valued – the good and not so good - is a key part in your time within your current perceived reality.


Intuitive, spiritual, Light worker, Clair teacher/student, contemplative, theosophical, able to utilize a variety of spiritual gifts

Right from birth, whether you remember then or not ha ha, is a life of feeling different  than others. The black sheep of the family. You were given the opportunity in this life to realize that you are more than but you needed to initially be with people that were the complete opposite. This duality of yours has the potential to remain with you in your life entirety however that choice is yours alone. You were given the life parameter to stamp your foot and say ‘enough’ I want to be around like minded individuals that value me. Purples tend to have very small collection of close friends that they can trust with all things. Trust is a big thing with purples , so the lesson in your life is to learn to Trust not only others but yourself in life. Those who betray the trust should be forgiven and the lesson embraced with honor. Remember you organized this before you came into your current perceived physicality.

Purples ‘shine’ – there is something about them that when they walk into a room, people do notice, whether they want to be noticed or not. They are natural givers and need to remember to remain balanced in doing so. They enjoy learning about new things that fascinate them and really do have a lot of innate talent that they can tap into. They do find it a challenge to initially slot into a spiritual modality of One, because of their eclectic interests they do not always fit into a mold. In fact they do not want to fit into a mold but some purples feel that they need too to feel as though they ‘belong’

The trick with this lifetime Purple people, is that you realize that those who are right for you will surround you when you are ready to allow them too. Do not try so hard in life to belong, because you are a glorious being of opportunity. This life is to break through any self imposed limitation from the conditioning that we receive as humans in life.

Red purple

Guardian, Energy healer, Planetary protector, Works with the elements, soothsayer, visionary, speaks their mind, questions integrity of self and others, transmutation

Redpurple’s are very hard on themselves. They expect 200% from themselves and can have a tendency to have extreme varieties of emotions from elation to depression. They own other peoples pain and this is something that needs to be transferred into something beautiful. Instead of taking in peoples strong energies, it is best to turn the excess energy into something that is going to make a difference. Red purples are very good at this whether they realize it or not. All they need to do is think something and it will occur, so Redpurple’s life lesson is to realize the power of the mind and how it creates the reality around them.

They are able to work with the elements, earth, air , fire water , spirit – and together they can provide information and guidance from a divinely guided stance. Extremely passionate guardians and protectors.  They really do not concern themselves too much about what others think of them.

In this lifetime the Redpurple’s are the metaphorical ‘stones’ that are thrown into the pond to make the ripples of change. One of the biggest lessons for Redpurple’s is awareness of their actions and to ensure that all that they do is for global potential. It is very easy for them to fall into self absorption so they will have people around them that are there to ensure they stay on the path that is healthy and right for them. Of course that is a choice factor that Redpurple’s need to be aware of in life.

When they can see exactly what is needed from a collective stance for mankind and our planet - when the vision is clear – then their beautiful transmutation energies can lead to great change. If you are reading this as a Redpurple and are overwhelmed with the responsibility of this, it is okay. You are surrounded by those to guide you more so than others, whether they are your soul team or those in your physical life.  Although at times it feels as though you are alone, that is always going to be your egomind playing tricks on you with their illusionary tactics. You are Surrounded !


Passion, willpower, lifeblood, understanding existence, warmth, compassion, motivation, direction, solitude, way maker, natural leader, emotional

Those who have Red within their current incarnation will be striving to open people’s eyes, sometimes whether they want to be opened or not however they moderate how they motivate others because they understand others potential. This can be frustrating at times however as part of their journey they learn to make peace with the paths of others and focus their intent on Self development. They are ‘do as I do’ people and hope that others follow in good time. They wish for positive global change so that there can be a natural progression for humanity as a whole.

They have had periods of emotional adjustment so that their emotions remain balanced but at times their reactions can be extreme when they sense the need in all. Learning to establish a healthy emotional response to life and people is a key lesson for them and once mastered assist others to remove the veil of illusion.

Reds know exactly what they want and how they want to do it – thing is though - they tend to juggle more than one thing at once and this can lead to confusion. It is imperative that they organize their busy schedule and mind so that they can fit the many things that they wish to accomplish in this life with ease. Proned to be organizers, and list makers, and the voice that people listen to. There is responsibility with this and sometimes Reds are not aware of this. It is very easy for Reds to fall into Ego so one of the main lessons to learn in this life is to not allow the egomind drive the journey, but your beautiful heart space. It is easy for Reds to feel love , because the realize it is the universal life’s blood , however they sometimes find it challenging to express it.  In their lifetime they will be given many opportunities to do so, especially when it comes to Self Love without concern for being Egoist. There is a fine balance here so love Red, be mindful of your thoughts and your actions with others.

Passionate people who enjoy sharing knowledge or gaining knowledge and when you are around Reds you feel safe, protected, and supported. However if you are a Red, there are times when you just need to stand out there – it does feel as though you are alone doing so. Do not worry yourself for that is an illusion of the mind. You are loved beyond belief and will be supported. You can do whatever you put your mind too.

Orange red

Fiercely passionate, see’s the positives amongst the challenges, Assertive, sheds light on a subject and voices it, reactive, spontaneous, descriptive, artistic, extreme emotions, dramatic

The amazing energy of the OrangeRed allows them to be masters of the universe. Wow that does sound grandeous does it not? However it represents their creative ability to make masterpieces whether it is artistic or life masterpieces.  Their lives are full of drama and at times a little too dramatic, so they have the choice to tone down their reactive responses and balance it with a calmer approach whilst still remaining true to their creative nature.  The major soul lesson for OrangeRed’s   is to obtain a healthy detachment emotionally and determining the best possible way to respond to situations that they find themselves in. If they go on autopilot it has the ability to go to the extreme depths of consequence. They will have many opportunities to learn this so if you are reading this and feel you are OrangeRed the lesson here loveling is to breathe down any reactive responses in life.

In saying this – you can turn all the powerful energies that flow through you into amazing representations of ideas, thoughts and opinions. Your voice(word) has power and you can share it with others when you believe there is something that needs to be said or changed. You will learn effective ways to do this from the many opportunities that you get. You will learn what works and what doesn’t.


Loving, caring, supportive, peaceful, see the light in the tunnel, connection with plants and animal life, shining hope, deals with diversity productively, peacekeepers

Beautiful Orange people bring a ray of warmth and kindness into all situations. They are the peacekeepers and help people see reason for adversity. They are very good at seeing two sides to the story however one of their lessons in life is to choose a path, choose a side, they sometimes wander in life just taking things as they come and that was one of the parameters they placed on themselves to have for this life. If you feel you are Orange and that life is going nowhere, you are doing what was asked for your incarnation in life so pat yourself on your back. You are in a place of allowance and allow the current to take you.

Are you an avid botanist or love plants, crystals? Have you ever talked to the trees and sometimes understood what they were saying? If you have ever asked yourself “am I going crazy” you are not! How are you with animals? Do you feel as though they talk to you as well?  The Orange energy is bringing them closer to you so that you can provide the caring love and support that they crave.

You do see the good in people however sometimes those who are not so can abuse your good nature. It is important in this life that you honor your boundaries and ensure that the people around you maintain a balance in your life. Learn to know your ‘spidey sense’ – that which warns you to ‘keep arms length’. Have you been in many relationships where you were treated ‘less than’. Well it is important that you only allow those into your life that treats you ‘more than’.  The amazing Orange energy lures many so it is important that you allow only those who benefit you.

Natural parents, healers, health care workers and good friends.

Yellow Orange

Gives everything 100%, over achiever, high expectation especially of self, articulate, compassionate, workaholic, revolutionary, develops new concepts

YellowOrange’s can create amazing abundance around them if only they would believe in that. They work so very hard to ensure things in life are easier that they sometimes forget to just ‘allow’.  When you release control of ‘how things are’ then you are able to just trust in the power of manifestation. Always do what comes naturally for you – what you are passionate about and then you will find yourself in situations that match your chosen path for this life time.

You can create revolutionary change if you stay focused and believe in the very thing that you were here to do. Yes you are here to make change in YOUR way that is needed for many within your planet. Keep listening to the amazing insights that you receive daily. Write them all down because you can get out there and teach those aspects to those who are in need of it at this time.

YellowOrange’s are very good at (public) speaking because they have a natural caring and supportive nature that allows them to reach peoples potential with ease. They are adaptable and open to change dependent on need of self or others. If you are a YellowOrange and find this difficult then this is one of your major life lessons to learn in your current perceived life.

YellowOrange’s need to find peace with their busy schedule in life and as soon as they do they will realize that they can have a healthy work/family/life balance. Enjoy everything that you do and in that way you will continue to progress with ease rather than controlling the journey. Freedom to be You is a key lesson of yours in this life for YellowOrange’s.


Peace keepers, clarity of vision, guide, calm, wonderment, revelation,  expression of truth,  belief, belonging get,  understanding, exposure of illusion,  pure state

Those with white soul colors in their current incarnation can see the truth in all things and attempt to reveal it to others. They generally have a gentle approach in showing people the reality of what is. When people are confused or lost they are drawn to White soul people to assist bring clarity and help remove the self imposed veils that may be present.

Once they have mastered their own purest state as a human being they are capable of enlightening others in doing the same. However it is challenging to obtain a pure true state so connection to Source, having strong belief in Self, these combined will allow a White to reach their highest life potential.

When you are capable of seeing the truth of all things, it can be a little overwhelming at times so it is important that you establish a loving connection with the Universal Consciousness to keep you aligned with a Human Soul balance. White’s sometimes feel the pull to ‘go home’ stronger than most because they almost have one foot in each realm of being.  But their role in their currently perceived life is to shed light on humanity to help them reveal the way for survival for our planet and our people.

Whites can have very strong belief systems and at times find it a challenging to see two sides of a situation. Yes they are very open minded to the possibilities of all things, but know what they know and stick with it. Their lesson in life is to understand the duality of all things, that there is diversity and is a valuable necessity. That choice is the right for all. Learning to accept All in their diverse ways can be difficult at times for White’s so another major lesson is Acceptance of what is – in this life and will have many opportunities to experience this.


Embraces duality, Understands the underdog, understands the nuances of two sides to a story, collaborator, matchmaker, brings light-bulb moments to people/self, enjoys the power of night

Black soul colors have an amazing ability to be able to see the differences being revealed with all people and situations. They protect those that they consider weak and unable to defend themselves. They are keen observers and watch what others do and understand why they do it. One of the reasons why they are capable or are drawn to this is because they are there to shed light to people and explain that everyone has a right to their own opinion. They are also extremely good at determining who is good for whom – natural matchmaker – although surprisingly enough can have challenge themselves in allowing the right person in their lives. Wears their hearts on their sleeves.

Natural collaborators and supporters – they are able to see solutions where most people are not able to and if in their own life they are unable to determine a path, they can take time to be introspective and delve within to locate the key to any given matter as long as they trust in themselves. That is one of the soul lessons in this life for those who are SoulBlack’s. To learn to trust in their own abilities, and also that there will be times where they need to retreat and reflect, but to be mindful of the need to re-integrate back into participating with others.

Blacks enjoy their alone time sometimes a little too much so it is important for them to realize that they are needed in life to participate to bring awareness to others. The power of the night surprisingly enough can be wonderful or fearful for the SoulBlack’s however whichever way their perceive nighttime, the moon, the stars it can and will replenish them when they need to be realigned. Full moon times really affect the SoulBlack’s.

When I first started to explore the varieties of colors , I was instructed to simplify and trust that people would be able to make sense of the messages given which is why we have currently limited it to these current colors. There are so many varieties of each color that it would get too confusing so please only choose the colors that best match what is in plain sight.

I hope you enjoy as I did reading and connecting with my channeled partner  Cheron.