Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Intuitive Journey

We may all take different paths to where our intuition is leading us. I totally immerse myself in my spirituality and intuitive growth and development - conversely my lovely partner would prefer to remain pleasantly unaware at the moment and I am currently trying to work with that to ensure that we remain true to each other on this journey

You will get some people who are strongly intuitive yet they have people in their lives that are almost the complete opposite OR if they are lucky they will have someone that will walk hand in hand on the same path complimenting each other along the way. That is relevant to our current soul lessons that we are here to learn.

But I do believe that we can unite as One along our eclectic journey discovering amazing things through intuition whether we call it a Higher connection - or the inner voice within. Go with what feels comfortable for you - at this current moment. You may find things change and you may push yourself harder to increase your intuition. You may even have times when you want to hide away from the information that you are getting and your shields go up big time and you retreat.

either way - this is YOUR journey , which is under YOUR control by YOUR choices - so enjoy the path and if you are able to bring Intuition to Light in your life - then may it be with LOVE - always

Do you have people in your life that you connect with along your intuitive journey ? or struggle with those close to you ?

How do you make this work for you / all those involved

So now that we know we have Intuition - what does it feel like?

Well because we all experience things in our own ways - you will perhaps have different ways of identifying with it, connecting to it, understanding it, and making it a part of you.

Intuition comes in differing waves of intensity - to a niggling feeling in the back of your mind, or a full blown 'spidey sense' wave of energy that goes over your entire body.

There are those that go through life not really knowing that they are receiving messages from all different energy sources that surround them. And that their intuition - something that everyone has - is listening and determining possible action/reaction/outcome for the energy received. If it is important your intuition will relay messages for your conscious mind to make sense of however your conscious mind is not always a willing participant in 'listening

Everyone is on a different evolutionary path when it comes to embracing Intuition within their lives and that all comes down to choice and perhaps belief. But everyone is very capable of growing their intuition if they can work through the various barriers that may be in place through social or life conditioning.

Are you ready to embrace your intuition - let’s see who how many are ready to affirm this.... and say YES I AM!

Phoenix Paton
Phoenix Spiritual Connection


  1. Yes I am. My partner is a non believer which makes it difficult for me so many times I have to suppress my wanting to learn and know and understand more.

    1. the belief is - if you honor yourself and your journey then those around you will eventually start doing the same <3