Sunday, 4 May 2014

Why are we here ? - a spiritual perspective

Why are we here , why do we question many things about the Laws of the Universe – what it is that makes us human and what is that makes us learn to understand what it is we are meant to achieve with the lifetimes that we have on this planet – mother earth – that which some call Gaia.

Think back to the times of the ancients – and we are not talking about the ancients of the people on your planet – but of all existence. There are races of people who had various ways of wanting to achieve, learn, establish growth – and yet the way they learned varied. So it was soon decided that for people to reach their potential – then to branch of into groups of Understanding that would resonate and work with their energy fields to ensure that they do get the stimulation required to bring forward their Highest.

It was from this branching out of groups – that your Soul family was formed – and there was no hierarchy of who was better, who was greater in their development. Nor was there hierarchy within the branches of groups.  Sure people within their groups grew according to their vibration that resonated within their Soul group – their Soul Song, so to speak where everything flows in harmony. It was wise to allow this orchestral manoeuvre of being so that you may Grow.

What, you might say, is Growing?  What is the end product of this soul growth? That my dears is a definition of Linear Thought for that of a Human Being – there is No End – there just IS and with that the endless possibility of who you will be with every incarnation that you choose to develop in. But then how do we know what things to cover with each learning experience?  The beauty of your people is your emotion and your inquisitive nature – and it is this balance and need to follow through with your queries that allow your Harmonic signature to balance of the needs of your Soul people.

There are some who have likened it to what you would call the rainbow – all colours of the vibrationary spectrum. But you also have rainbows within rainbows – nothing is set, everything is fluid and in motion, and because of this, the beautiful thought forms that you create from your development bring forward exponential growth for many of your people.

So what is it that needs to be created now for your people you might ask? Cohesion / Oneness / Interconnection and this is not to say that all need think the same, this is to encourage the awareness in all of the beautiful people of your planet to come forward and allow you all to flow together regardless of difference. This is what we mean from rainbows within rainbows. For this to occur though, some breakdown of current structures will happen that have been filling many with the illusion of how things are. You are all going to break free – yes there will be casualties along the way but do not alarm yourself with this – they have chosen their transgressions and need to return with a developed awareness to move forward in their new incarnations.

It is time to think outside the social upbringing and to really think outside of the ‘square’ as many of you have so aptly attempted too. Do not feel the need to make everything fit into one box – be it ideas, thoughts, beliefs, people etc. This is not a race in who will become more enlightened or aware than the other through their own personal way. For you all will work out that way that resonates within you in which every social space you find yourself in. Feel your changes within, stop looking for proof of what is occurring just take a look within in how you respond to the stimuli without. Choose what it is you wish to align you with and follow your passion with regard to it.

Many of you are shifting, raising, and all the various names that you are all calling it to give it substance – regardless of what you call it, how you move through your states of awareness, relax because you already have the knowledge within just currently you are chosen to veil yourself to the information that is freely available to you. Do not get so caught up in explanation and definition – more allow things to be with ease for you can make it as easy or difficult as you chose.

You are all capable of such great things and can become aware of things that will allow us to work with you more and more to the point of coming and standing by you with Awe. Yes we are in awe of your work and how you are moving through your evolutionary progress for we have also experienced this within our own Soul Group frequency but our journey was different in some ways, same in others. Thank you for allow us the experience of understanding the passion that your people have with the variations that you are all working through this.

Until next time... We bless you with the Purity of Love that flows in all Existences.

Channeled message from Cheron - by Phoenix Paton

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