Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Intuitive is Your Experience

Intuition comes in various forms - generally / specifically within your life - and also through Seeing , Hearing , Feeling , Knowing , Smelling , touching , - can you see what I am doing here - I am naming the many 'Clairs' that is out there

Clairvoyance - see
Clairaudient - hear
Clair empathy - feel
Clairsentient - know
Clair scent - smell
Clairangency- touch

Everyone has one that is the strongest - but with time and practice and adopting and taking notice each and everyone will come into strength as you grow in your intuition

If I was to ask you - to point to where you think your intuition comes from within your physical body - where would it be?

Many will point to their solar plexus / or mid abdomen - and they would be right

Others maybe will point to their third eye - very good very good - and they would be right

Or you will go for the lower gut - where you have that gut feeling - Ohhh yep - there is a very good place and it works there too

Everywhere is right because you know what - your whole physical body is a conduit for message both outside and inside. When I say outside - I am talking about peoples aura and their external energy that they radiate which brings messages in and out. And what occurs within dependent on the type of person you are and how you operate.

There is no right or wrong - some may here that little voice in their head or on their shoulders - others feel that emotional pull that stems mid abdomen

So when you become aware of how you receive messages that stimulate your intuition then you will grow but I digress that is later on in the week.

Soooo where is YOURS lovelies

Phoenix Paton
Phoenix spiritual connection

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