Saturday, 13 September 2014

Breaking Life Patterns/Cycles

"How do we permanently break the patterns/cycles that no longer serve us, both of this life, or ones taken from previous lives?"

Come now child it has been a while since we last talked but there are some very interesting concepts that you are wanting some work to move on so let’s get started.
Like all things in your existence your cycles or patterns in each life that appear repetitive are there to ensure that you learn a certain core lesson that you decided to face within each life that you have experienced. Now at times it may appear that you are experiencing a similar ethos for each one – a similar vibration or action that is leading to respond in the same way – it is your choice as always to move away from the usual choice – and you will know the usual choice because it is not only what you have done in your current incarnation many times perhaps but also it will feel extremely familiar almost as though you have got yourself into a ‘scratched record’ mentality. You will know it to be wrong yet you find yourself there – but you have chosen to be there so there must be something about that feeling of ‘being there’ that is attracting you so what do you think it might be?

*It is at the time of awareness of the repeating pattern or behaviour that needs careful insightful journeying to determine what it is that you LIKE about this state. Oh we can hear you now – why would I like something that makes me feel so terrible or unsettled or sad or angry and confused? The thing you need to harness here is the term Repeating. You are doing something that feels extremely familiar – sure it may not be nice in your terms, but it is not only something that you are used too but something that you expect. So is it this expectation that causes the cycle to occur? Is it the familiarity that causes the situation to happen freely because as you know you create your own situations/reality?  It can actually be both of these things. So there you have it – you want familiarity, you want sameness, you want a certain understanding about a situation that you have gone through repeatedly and survived – until the next time. And therein lays the cycle – you are there because it is familiar – and you are there because you know that you will get out of it.

So ask yourself – Can I approach it different that also feels familiar?  Can I speak from the heart from truth rather than the head from consequence to action? Can Truth of where it is you are wanting to go towards or too be that which guides you effectively rather than finding yourself in the same old cycle of depreciating affect. It is that which feels familiar regardless if good or bad that brings you into this state so replace it with something familiar that you do enjoy that you do wish to occur, that you do want to happen. The more you do this positive familiar action, the more likely you are to start a whole new cycle. So here is an example
You are moving in life and everything is going on very smoothly, sure it is chaotic, sure it is busy and you are not quite sure how you are able to do the many things in your day. Then you find one day – that something goes out of total control and you are unable to fix a situation that you would rather be another way – oh here we go again you tell yourself. It goes from one thing after the other and it feels as though everyone is against you, your actions and the ways that you are doing things. It makes you feel frustrated because things were going on so well – why does it ‘always’ have to be like this. You feel as though you are not worthy – that life always brings you into a state of uncertainty and unrest but you were so positive and then things go wrong – this is just so typical. Here you are again. You doubt yourself , you doubt the people around you and even you are starting to not sleep at night because you are worried about what the next day will bring – and what things that you need to do to rectify where all this went – why did it go wrong – what did you do wrong? Ohhh this is just not fair. “I deserve better than this – but like last time I know I can do this. I just need to do something to get myself up there because I know I can.”  Then you are reminded that you are strong individual – that you have been through a lot in life to challenge you and although you feel really bad right now you know it is not forever so you just ride the tide until that light starts shining like it always does again. If it does not then you know that something will happen eventually – just that you want it to happen now. Time goes on in your linear perception of various emotions, experiences and happenstance within this familiar pattern until you are able to work through it and you find yourself back up again into a place that you are fully content once more – for how long?  Who knows!

Does any of that feel familiar to you?  Oh I am sure if you put relationship(s) / colleagues and friends / work place environments within this above dialogue there will be something that will stand out familiar to you? So how do you break that pattern? It all comes to changing a sequence within this very generic situation. So at what point do you change? Where everything is going smoothly?  Where things are chaotic and busy? Where things start to go out of control? When the emotions and feelings take over? When you have your inspirational dialogue? While you are waiting for things to change? Ultimately any part that seems the MOST familiar is what you need to change to turn it into something new that will become familiar.
So how do you change something that feels familiar even if it is not nice – into something that is positive AND familiar.

Can you remember a moment where you felt safe, you felt provided for? Can you remember a time when you stood in that moment and were completely content and grateful? How it consumed your very being. Even if the moment is fleeting – even if it occurred when you were child. Even if it was within dream state or imagination. That feeling is and will always be familiar.
As you look around your chaos – bring that ultimate feeling of gracious contentment to fill you and smile at the silly chaos that is around you? Hilarious to allow us to get so caught up on things that is part of life – is life – life lessons to learn from to fill your glory box of treasures called experience.
Things start to go wrong – fill yourself up with gratitude again because obviously you are meant to be doing something else, either your God Source or Universal consciousness has something else that is better for you that you have ASKED FOR. Remember you are putting out into the universe what it is you wish to achieve and grow from. Do not be alarmed when what you think you need and what the universe knows you need are two different things. So you have a new path to take which means that you are on a better direction for what you truly desire. That’s AWESOME! As you humans will put it.

If you find yourself unawares in a state where your emotions and feelings are very humanistic – sadness, depression, anger , hate , jealousy, revenge, all those delicious states of unsettlement that you humans really dislike with a passion yet you still allow it – much to our confusion. Then ask yourself the really hard core question – what am I getting for ME out of this?  Be brutally honest with this analysis and you will find that you are punishing yourself for something that is not your doing so why allow it? What familiar feeling can you put in place of that which will over ride this shadow to pass?  LOVE – love for self, love for life, love for worthiness, and love for new beginnings which ultimately this state is because you know that from this new seeds are planted to be sown in your not too distant human future.
So when you find yourself in familiar territory that you do not like, then replace it with familiar thoughts, feelings, ideas, creations that you DO like. You are going to say “oh it is not that simple” but we will dispute that – with thought training, with essence acceptance of what is the Truth that lays within you – you can and will do this when you realise that being Loved, being Happy is also a familiar Source feeling because Love is in abundance where your Over soul lays in intrigue with your situation.

So reach within for the Truth, for the Familiar which is a lovely connection that you will have to Divine Source so that you can truly break the pattern of which you do not wish to find yourself in again.

Cheron of the 12 Origin

Channeled by Phoenix 5th December, 2013