Monday, 19 May 2014

Letting go as opposed to giving up

Letting go as opposed to giving up

We all have many things that have the ability to make us want to give up - ranging from major annoyances to absolute despair. The emotions and thoughts and feelings try to consume us. Very unpleasant tide of hopelessness. This is when we want to give up.

We do not like how we feel so want it to stop and some only see one way of doing that. But in my spiritual development and communing with my guides and angels - they have turned the three words - "Give it up" into " Let it go" - subtle difference you might think but all I can say is WOW. 

These bad feelings or experiences I did not want consuming me. It did not suit me or work in following my path in life - so I released these things I didnt want to my angels and the universe....

and my heart could start to mend again.... and it has. I personally have not had the terrible loss of a child, or abhorrent unspeakables done to me by family members like some others (sending love n light) but my life has been a source of contradictions and confusion.

Anyway in my 44th year of my life I have learned that I do not want to own the things that make me despairing so I have learned to release these emotions and thoughts - and I feel lighter. I have a 'knowing' and true 'belief' that I am going to be okay :) 

I am working within my Heartsong - instead of the Head where ego and fear can control me - I wont allow it now. My heart is the boss and speaks the truth.

It takes trust and belief in this type of - release - but the more good you see coming from letting it go - and releasing that which does not suit you or bring you joy - the easier it becomes. Eventually I am picking this will become an absolute faith that all that my 'heart' desires will manifest... not quite there yet  ... but it will happen. That I do KNOW.

you attract what consumes you the most and I choose to attract happiness, health, love , prosperity and clarity... instead of despair, fear, anger , hate , worry , concern , panic, sadness, depression.

I would rather live in the Light than the Dark... that is my choice

So the choice is yours 


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