Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Judgement from those close

Judgement from those close to you/others

People close to you have a varied response in how they support you with your Spiritual experience. Generally if there are any issues with regard to this it is generally due to a knowledge based deficit. All you can do during this time is approach this with quiet resolve to stand in your truth and gently introduce concepts that those close to you can be exposed too. Providing times for you to answer any questions may be required however essentially the best method in what you do is.

When you feel you are getting tested and judged then bring all thoughts and your own feelings back to the heart space where you can determine if the responses from both you and those involved are from truth or fear. From that you can establish the best response for yourself in this situation. Those close to us really push us to our human limits at times as we embrace aspects of our spirituality that some are just not ready to understand.

Keep the love flowing and that you forgive anything that is thrown at you because as you soon realise, it is primarily due to fear and lack of awareness on their part. Go gently here because you can allow yourself to adopt their energies without meaning too which can effect your efficacy in your chosen spiritual path.

Remember your Divine Truth and how you do this calling on your Soul team to support you, listen to your heart dialogue, and watch for the synchronistic signs that is showing you the loving support that you deserve.