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Identifying your Primary Intuitive Sense

I wrote this last year - this is about identifying your Primary Intuitive sense. Some of you will have some that are very strong and obvious, others will have 1-2 that stand out! Have a read and share what you believe you are currently   <3

Are you a thinker or Knowing Intuitive ?

Those that have an inate sense of knowing will almost get a precog understanding of what is about to occur or is occurring with each moment during important 'downloads' of information. When asked a question about a topic that they do not know much about, information will just flow from the amazing connection that they can have with Source/Heaven/Universal consciousness. They will look at things and say wow how did I totally know that, without the skill to be learned professionally. They may have been called Know it Alls - or big headed or all the various names that come with having a sense of awareness and having the ability to speak their mind. They can be outcasted and feel like an outsider at times because people do not always welcome being told something that they do not wish to face.

However they are also amazing friends if you allow them into a life - a 'go to' person for when people want advice or a source of clarity from. They can be good listeners sometimes, however they generally have the answer for you before you have even finished explaining things to them in its entirety.

Any of this seem familiar to you? I know it does for me personally because I am a Knowing intuitive and have been called all the know-it-all names under the sun. Now I know why and also because I have embraced this - I am finding other clairs are developing.

Much love to you

A person who feels deeply - empathic?

Those people who have struggled with emotion most of their lives are generally people who feel so strongly not just their own feelings but also everything and everyone around them. Sometimes it feels as though you are the major extreme when it comes to which emotion you are occupying today. Just like having all seasons in one day, these people can all key emotions in one day - happiness, sadness, anger, bliss - and it can make them feel as though they completely off the emotional grid and out of control. When they become more aware of how to control their reactions to life - then the overwhelming emotions become more balanced dependent on what is going on in life.

Sometimes they have a tendency to be over reactive but this is not a bad thing - it is their way of releasing the intuitive energy so that they may be in the moment with clarity. They can really be very hard on themselves during times of heightened emotion however as long as they are able to voice their emotions without judgement they can generally start to make sense of the reasons behind the emotion. When they can do that - being an Empath can be very rewarding as well as useful in assisting those around them, and also themselves.

Awareness of being an Empath and how they observe and absorb all energies not only their own , but those around and universally - is the key factor to understanding why they are how they are. Determining which is their own emotion and which is others/universal is important. This allows them to ensure that they can shield from others energies when their own emotions take control (more on shielding in the week)

Do you find that you have overwhelming emotions and reactions to anything and everything ? do you feel deeply ?  How do you cope with ?


A visual person?

There are those people who when they look at something, they know that it is off balance or that there needs to be something that has to be addressed. A visual person can with just a quick glance take a look at someone or an environment and know when there is an action that needs to take place. Some will see events before they actually occur within their minds eye. Those people will also have extremely vivid dreams and are strongly encouraged to have dream journals. 

They will also be drawn to symbols - things will stand out - almost as though it comes into extreme focus as they look at something/someone. Symbols are something that will call to them from time to time and they may feel the need to investigate the symbol and to what it could mean however they are strongly encouraged to take a look within , rather than mr google :)  to determine what the symbol actually means for themselves.

They will be very interested in the colors of the world and how they are all integrated - they will also get a feel for a place just by these colors - and dependent on the color they will also know what is needed to be put into this environment to liven it up - or tone it down dependent on what is needed. These people may enjoy creative arts especially involving painting , drawing , graphic art , interior design, landscape artists for an example.

Things make sense to them more when they can see something - rather than hear about it so they are people that learn from seeing rather than from doing initially. 

These people will also have the ability to see 'aura' with practice if they are not innately doing it already - people will have a certain color - and they will understand and know it as soon as they walk into the room, they will see it straight away. Nothing much can be hidden from these people - they can tell a lie from the truth just by looking at you. They are people that always look deeply into anothers eye - almost to see their soul and people find this uncomfortable at times because they see with clarity the reality behind the illusion.


Do you prefer to Hear from the horses mouth?

These people can hear intergrity , truth , and knowlege in the things that they hear or are being told. They also the ones that really rely on their inner voice - the little being that lets them know things by telling them the path to take. These people will be drawn to music and sound - some may even find sound to be oversenstive at times that it is just too much. They know what sounds good and what doesnt. They are not a fan of loud noise or sudden noises for it makes them tense up and be on guard

Those who work within their auditory senses find that just by listening to something they can actually 'hear between the lines' of what is really being saying by the nuances and inflection of tone and voice. They can ultimately be the human version of a 'truth detector' so even attempting to lie to these people will never work. They will hear it straight away.

These people will enjoy sounds of all types but will have specific sounds that they do prefer and that which they stay well clear of. Even listening to a song will take them on an amazing journey that their intuition will take them on and through this they can determine the next part of their journey.

When they become more aware of their inner voice and start to listen intently then they will find that the voice will become stronger and not so timid. At times they will be overwhelmed with a ringing sound in their ears  - or their ears will feel like they are under water. Some experience terrible ear pressure or pain. If that is the case that means they are either not hearing something that they need too OR they need to start listening more intently. These people can control this intense information that they receive through hearing - but may need to ask that the intuition line be turned down a notch or too until they get used to working with the direct communication that they are receiving.

Blessings and much love - so are you 'listening ' hehehe

Do you like to touch to help you connect ?

From the moment these people are born , they respond to touch - either what they give to others or what they receive from others. They can also tell what is going on with someone with just touching them, as brief or as long as they are in contact. There is much in the way of information that flows when two energies come together - as you all know  - there is vibration in anything and when two vibrations come together then there is a communication of sorts regardless of what is said/ heard/ seen. Touch brings the subconsious message between two objects - inanimate or animate - it is irrelevant.

Many people who enjoy touch go into avenues of healing - whether it actually involves touch - but the opportunity to be able to help another just with a healing touch is a pull that those people strong in touch intuition - they are drawn to it. They do have a natural  healing ability for they have an innate knowing of what energies are flowing just by the touch of their hands to the person. In time they realise that touch is not required for the energy can flow freely as they learn to 'touch vibration' and allow it to flow naturally to do is magical work.

Those who are hypersensitive to touch are almost the opposite and keep people at arms length without allowing them into their personal bubble. In fact their bubble may be bigger than most because of all the information that they can glean from just being around people.

They talk using their hands and also they touch from time to time as they communicate with others. Generally their hands are warm and can even get a sense of the environmental energies just by lifting their hands up and scanning. As unique as that sounds you will find that these people do this automatically.

The more these people become aware of their innate touch ability the bigger the scope and they can actually send energy from their hands globally. However it is up to the individual and what avenue they choose to go into. They may not even be healers - they may become other professions but they will always use their sense of touch to get a feel for their audience and they will touch you on the shoulder or knee or which way is socially acceptable at the time. 

They love to hug

How do you feel about those who touch you ?  Do you mind people coming into your personal space for a hug /  kiss on the cheek ? Do you speak with your hands? Do you touch as you communicate.

Much love AND huggs <3

Phoenix Paton ©

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