Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Need to Be All for Others - Why do we do this?

There are many reasons why many of us feel the need to help others

  • Because it is our life's purpose
  • Because we have a void we are trying to fill in feeling worthy
  • Because we feel that we have the answers 
  • Because we do not like feeling bad so we make others feel good
  • to give us a sense of a purpose
  • because it comes so naturally

Thing is though - from many harsh personal lessons - I have learned over and over and over (took me a while to learn ) that;

1) I cannot fix everyone - they have their own life to lead
2) that everyone is well within their own rights to create their own issues and reality
3) they people do not learn the lesson if you keep giving freely - they will repeat a possible bad cycle
4) that we are not here to fix people - we are here to experience with people and learn from each other
5) that you cannot give effectively to others if you - yourself - is empty. Once again it is just you trying to fill a void of worthiness

take from the above what you feel is right of course. But In watching two healers working with an elderly couple one day - the female was terminal (cancer) the husband was heart broken and wanted her 'fixed'. In watch it appeared the healers were doing more for the husband rather than the wife. Everyone has their own experience and lesson and although we can help - we cannot or should not take away that which is not for someones highest good.... otherwise they just return to experience a similar pattern of life (if that makes sense)

If people want to change and grow and develop they will , regardless of what input you have - sure you may provide ideas and loving support - but their journey is driven by them

Phoenix Paton
Phoenix Spiritual Connection

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