Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Awareness - In's and Out's

Awareness - In's and Out's

There are two states of awareness -
  • Things that go on inside of you
  • Things that go on outside of you

People talk about mirroring but that is a concept that can be difficult get a grasp of - so I thought I would cover this today.

There are two parts to a person - that which they reflect - and that which they attract. One wonders which comes first - but ultimately the energy that resides within you takes precedence.

I do not know if you have seen concepts in social media or in like minded circles about how thoughts, ideas or some knowledge - totally resonates with you. Do you know what that means ?  Resonation is a form of frequency that is response to another frequency. Almost like creating a harmonic sound or conversely a chaotic sound bubble. This can be with animate or inanimate objects.

We all vibrate at different rates - dependent on choice -  and what it is you are wishing to attract in life. This involves not only your spiritual self but also your physical body as well. So think about all the different energies that your body and soul is creating and emanating - and how that relates with everything around you almost like a magnetic field.
This field leads to the reflection or attraction dependent on the lesson or energy that is current for you at this time. Situation  or people will be around you based on this and you have complete control of this although control is based around awareness.
So what type of resonation are you emitting? If you are experiencing harmony within your current life - then all that around you is right for your moment. If it is not - then it is either time to attract those situations/people in your life that does cause your frequency to sing.

When you realise that there is a sharing of energies occurring all around you - and that you are effected by all things that happen without or within - you can actually decide how you are willing to react 
  • Do you react based on past experience
  • Do you react from heart based or head based energy
  • Do you choose a method of action based on honoring your inner sacred space
  • Do you bring forward the Truth in any given situation ?

When you take a deep breath when you know you are about to react in a way that you know you will regret - thing of another way to approach a response that not only honors yourself - but ensure that the situation is a learning experience to fill your toolbox - rather than create more work for you to do that will in turn put MORE tools in your toolbox.

Either way and it seems like a paradox - you learn in however way you respond - however  if you like the response then it will be a learning experience from a place of integrity and truth - rather than allow your emotions to run with things :)   This is a lesson that I have learned the hard way - hard for a gemini to keep their mouth quiet during intense discussions.

If you find yourself having the same old discussions over and over and over. Make a choice to break the cycle.

Are you willing to do this ?

staying in Truth

Phoenix Paton

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