Tuesday, 20 May 2014

What control do you have over your life journey ?

The lessons surrounding your life - are there for YOU only and that is because primarily you are the one choosing your
  • direction
  • adventure
  • path
  • how open and closed you are to all things possible
  • who comes into your life and remains or leaves
  • Key factors in your life that is pivotal to your development (good or bad)
You are the person driving this bus of life even though sometimes it feels as though the steering wheel is busted and taking you on tangents OR the brakes has failed. Generally the latter is spiritually encouraged but once again you have the choice in how you enjoy it and learn from it , or prefer to take passenger of the bus and be shown around on tour.

Something to think about isnt it - so are you a passenger OR the driver? Does this vary from moment to moment?

Today I want you to take a look around - hmm although time is not apparent in the spiritual world - as a human being experiencing time as Linear - it is important to realise that you do create your space that you will be in - with each passing moment - or NOW.

From right NOW to the next moment of the following NOW.

To make sense of it - when you are doing something truly exciting - doesn't it seem as though time goes so fast ? And yet when you are doing something that bores you to TEARS - and it drags and you just keep watching the time just click over second by second

Well if you can feel your bliss , your joy , your happiness - in the moments where it goes second by second - then you have attained the ability to live in the MOMENT. As you experience life - from a place of happiness - before you know it you have achieved amazing things and gone forward to reaching your highest potential. Most people wish to do that OR you get those that are happy just sitting still and watching the world go by. There is nothing right or wrong with either approach - as long as you choose the Moment of Happiness that is right for YOU.

We all have an idea of what our Blissful life entails - oh it gets rewritten from time to time but there are key elements that we would like to see in our life. Does this make you happy ? hmmm that is a very difficult question because I do believe that as human beings - we always strive for the things that we do not have. Please disagree if you wish   <3 This is only my thoughts  

Striving is a good thing - for that leads to progression and improvement, enhancement - growth
However - seeking and looking forward makes me wonder if you can actually truly attain happiness - if what you want is never there because when you have a predetermined situation that brings you happiness - then it will then lead you to you want something else ? 

How does that work in getting a sense of completeness / peace?

Okay well - the answer is - you probably won’t - because if you are always wanting/striving - then you forget to live in the Current and having extreme gratitude for the things you do have. We forget to embrace the amazing things in our life - no matter how tough things can get - that bring you back to a place of acceptance and gratitude.

Having acceptance for how things our and feeling the gratitude for that which we are thankful for  - allows the creative manifesting energies to create MORE to be grateful for. So right at this very moment - what are you truly grateful for. Breathe - take your time. It is there - please share <3

If right now you are not happy - then ask yourself - what can you do - that is best for your highest potential - that can bring contentment and peace with your current situation ?

So right now lovelies - are you happy? Yes/No


Phoenix Paton

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