Wednesday, 27 August 2014

What is Desire - A spiritual point of view?

There are varying origins for desire
Material - with the attainment of gain in fear of lack 
Emotional - with the choice to be in states that are familiar 
Spiritual - with the awareness of All that Is 
Psychological - with the human attachment to understanding of Self 
Environmental - with the awareness of how Self interacts within each environment
Egomind - directed by incarnation experience 
Heart - directed by Source and Soul Plan

The origins can also overlap in how the desired thought is manifested because as you know although we may explain in apparent layers, but it is a fractal experience. Desire can be fleeting , or focused and that is something that is based on choice,  however  how much forward momentum and energy you put into your desired focus or thought. determines how this moves out into the universal ether, that in turn stimulates the manifesting powers of creation.

What you need to ask yourself when you have a focused thought , " is this desire for my highest good as a Soul or as a Human or Both " because you need to ensure that to remain on your life path to reach your purpose , desire cannot be the only focus for your growth potential. Love is more powerful than desire - because Love is pure. Desire is effected by a great many origins and aspects. Pure Love is not - it just Is.

Desire generally comes with expectation, which can effect the overall outcome in manifesting them. Y
ou can have a focused desire, however if one of your emotional origins desires something - such as happiness - and your psychological origins states that You are not Worthy,  a battle of the 'origins' ensues - if that makes sense.

What needs to happen is that all origins states, mentioned above, are working cohesively together to ensure that your chosen desire is embraced in pure love to ensure that the manifestation of it is created with ease. Collective agreement is needed and all origins are working together whether people are aware  or not.

This is why you see some people just get the world handed to them on a silver platter , so to speak ,while others struggle just to get out of bed in the morning.
Have a look at the above origins for Desire once more.
If you have materialistic focus , and are excited to embrace all aspects emotionally, and know that you are destined to receive as part of your soul contract, and you know that You deserve it and surround yourself with an environment that helps bolster your desired focus - then your Egomind and Heartsong are working collectively. These people always succeed.

If your psychological and emotional origin do not believe in Soul contracts - but you knowwwwwww (where from we may ask) that they are deservant of the things they desire - in a way they are still allowing the Source energies to be in alignment and work in collaboration.

Cheron - Channeled Partner of Phoenix Paton

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