Monday, 19 May 2014

Spiritual Oneness in a Human Existence

One thing that I am noticing lately - is how people who have become aware of their spirituality - blame aspects on it for what is going on in their human lives. How does this truly work ? I guess there takes a shift in 'knowing' that in all things - no matter how challenging, no matter how isolating it can feel, that we are part of a Oneness that regardless of HUMAN life challenges that spirituality is not to be blamed for this!!!! Seriously - how can something that comes from Source connection , Divine love and Perfect Oneness be the cause of that which provides emotional, physical and spiritual unrest.

That is not your spiritual Source self that is causing that - it is your Human response to life challenge that causes the unrest. Oh please do not get me wrong lovelies - I have not had an easy life - by far in the LEAST - but in the last 8+ years my attitude to life and its many challenges has changed greatly. I do not feel punished by it anymore, I do not feel as though wow how far can life really push me before I snap ? Oh wowww I just do not have time for the spiritual development cos life is so busy? Any of this sound familiar to you ?

Thing is - in incorporating and integrating both my human and spiritual side into One has helped me realise that each can support the other in times of need if you truly allow yourself to GAIN from this integration. Many see spirituality as something separated from our humanism. This Is a Social Illusion that we need to change so that we can focus clearly on the Truth of Reality - Your reality.

You create it ! Pure and simple - some know the principles of the Power of Attraction - The Secret - its all well and good knowing the principles and believing that it can work for you - and that you are WORTHY of whatever the Universe tries to offer you. Ultimately you have to accept with ease - any resistance and the vibrational flow that you are resonating out around You creates shifts in what flows near. Oh yes it may seem like constant work - but you know what. If you find that peace within that what will be will be - live in the moment - be grateful of all opportunity no matter how good and bad they appear on the outside - 

Your Belief in Self - The things you Choose and allow - and the power of your thoughts will send creative energies unbound if you give it the freedom to provide and manifest !

Artist unknown 

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