Monday, 24 February 2014

What do we do with our Spiritual 'Gifts'

As we move from soul experience to soul experience – from that in what you call soul contracts establish parameters to determine whether you are connected to the wisdom that you all possess within or not – there are varying layers that determine how much our spiritual awareness plays a part in your life – but your incarnation can determine the path that they take based on the foundations made.

Everyone has abilities that they can tap into – it is not special – it is not even what you would call a gift – it is what is essentially in essence available at all strengths by all – your connection to them however is variable.  This discussion is about your soul purpose and what it is that each and every one of you is to do with the knowledge that is available. Is your soul purpose an individual lesson and learning, is it a community or even global role that you play within your current incarnation. Well the parameters have been set but you can alter them along your learning journey in your current experience of NOW.

To determine what it is – follow your passion, follow your heart, follow what makes you feel good, follow what resonates , follow that which sometimes you deny because of your egomind thoughts that come into play – pacify them from the heart energy that knows the divine truth of your destiny. That which raises you to your highest chosen vibration is where it is you need to take yourself to help your own growth or those around you.

Oh it sounds really easy when you read this does it not? – But many of you may get more confused – not sure what is it that inspires and enlightens you because of the social conditioning that you have received over the years to conform to what is considered ‘socially accepted’. So go gently on yourself – establish a pathway within that reveals your hidden knowledge and truth. You will find this – you just have to be willing to try. Everyone has a part to play on your planet – just like the ripples vibrating as a rock gets thrown into pond. You can collectively work as One to determine the high frequency waves that is required for the people of your planet. Just believe and increase your inner awareness and connection to the answers that are readily available – are you ready for this ?

It is your choice.

Channeled message from Cheron of the 12 Origin -  by Phoenix Paton

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