Sunday, 2 March 2014

Are our Natural Disasters GAIA's way of population control ?

This was a question asked of Cheron

Are the natural disasters we are experiencing the universes way of attempting to balance the number of people on the planet we cure do many illnesses now we must

Well you are correct and incorrect in a way – each planet is aligned with the Universal energies that are exponentially affecting one another to ensure that they all are in perfected energy within your current universal state. Your planet, is that which aligns with this universal influence to ensure that its momentum is sync with all that surrounds it, however it also needs to sync and align within the energies within it – just like what occurs for yourself but on a much larger scale. Everyone that is on your planet at this moment – is there for a much needed reason for change and learning for at this moment so do not see your population of humans to be putting a strain on what is happening to the physicality of your planet. Some of your scientists and engineers may think that they have the upper hand and control over the consequence and outcome but rest assured that your planet will align itself to ensure that it remains in sync above and below (Universe and within).

The natural disasters that you are mentioning are not only a direct response to what is not considered in alignment within the planet – but it is also in response to what is occurring universal which of course is not able to be manipulated by your scientists and engineers. However – collective conscious thought can allow the natural alignment for All that Is – and you can do that by increasing the awareness needed for mankind to merge them into the Oneness – rather than the egocentric separation that is nothing but an illusion. It is not in response to the cures that are made because you will find that there is a new outbreak of what is considered ‘illness’ however illness itself is representative also of what is changing with humans as they become aware at the DNA level but this is another discussion (laughs).

Thank you for your question – we hope that the answer gives you some insight that there is a whole lot more going on both universally and individually than meets the awareness of many.

Cheron - of the 12 Origin - channeled by Phoenix

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