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Integrating the Spiritual in your Human YOU !

How do you Integrate the Spiritual in your Human You ?

The Journey

 This is a common question for many of us aware of both aspects of self wonder as a Spiritual being having a human existence and has take me many years to embrace a few concepts that is making a huge difference in living in my Truth in its entirety.

Being a mother of five, partner of one *smiles* , working full time in a busy hospital as a registered nurse and also in my spare time (oh there is not enough hours in the day that is for sure) doing online spiritual connections teaching and also working within a metaphysical shop providing spiritual guidance - I have now embraced what it is integrating both my spiritual and human side - but it has not always been an easy journey - but it has been one of choice.

For half of my life I do believe I was very caught up in human experience and that was okay but it got to the point where there were certain pushes and messages that I could not ignore any longer. It was time to embrace my spiritual side and to enhance aspects of myself that I have inherently had since being born. I find it interesting though that when human life became challenging I would pull right away (oh there is 20/20 vision in hindsight) because it felt as though it was too much effort when life became all encompassing. However with the increased pushes from what I now believe was from my Inner Voice, my Soul Team and also from my Over-soul in source - it was time to 'cut that out !!!"  and I received a cosmic two by four which had me at rock bottom. This was where I had to swallow my pride - let go of my need for control - and to put my hand up and ask for help ! All things I needed to do to bring me where I am today  - well the catalyst of amazing things to come.

One of the things that I did have trouble with was with the concept of Heart energy and even saying ' I Love You!"  one of the most hardest things for me to say at the beginning of my journey. I felt those emotions and words were for only special times -  even with those that I love wholeheartedly - but then I thought that they must know how I feel about them. It soon proved that they didn't and may be one of the reasons for my two challenging relationships that ended in divorce. Not the full reason why - however even saying " I love you" to myself - wow I just never did that !!  Society had taught me it was vanity or selfish to love / put yourself first so I never did. Once I came into honoring my heart space , the pure connection of the heart song and energy center that is connected to Source/Heaven/Universal consciousness (which ever concept your prefer) - when I felt pure unconditional Divine Love - wow that was the beginning of becoming aware - on a multifaceted level !!! One of my Key expansion points.

The realization

Over the last five years incorporating what I considered Spirituality into my Human Experience there has been huge realizations of what it is to integrate both into our lives. Sometimes the many lessons came easy, other times I was obviously resistant so those lessons were not so easy. That was my choice and I have learned that ultimately life is about choice - and how our choices really do create our own reality. We do have control over this although at times it feels life is out of full control - however our choices are not. How we respond is up to us. Socially and environmentally we get conditioned (for want of a better word) to respond a certain way but you can more past what is expected and you can respond in ways that make you feel good ! Once again - working through feelings of worthiness and deserving good thing - to ensure that you remain in energies and spaces that make you feel at 'ease' and totally living in the moment of Now !

A lesson that I did online today reiterated the following ways to integrate Spirituality and Human Experience as One. Before I share these ways - let go of anything that you have been conditioned to think and bring everything back into your Heart Space - that is connected to your core vibration and to Source/Heaven/Universal consciousness. Allow everything that you read/hear/learn to sit with you - and discern what resonates and harmonizes and what is interesting but is not for you. I strongly encourage this for all people even with the things I share and bring forward. Humans really do have a need to fit things into boxes - or labels which I believe limits our growth potential. I have learned to accept all that I experience with a adventurous fascination in how this is relevant to my human and spiritual growth!  I have also learned that although I express Spiritual and Human as separate aspects of Self - they are not !. All is inter-related , inter-twined and essentially One. Sure we can deny certain aspects of our 'Self' and that all comes down to choice.


In connecting with the energies that work with me - My Guides and Soul team , my Otherworldly friends and teachers and of course my own OverSoul  - these are a few things that have been revealed to assist your Spiritual self having a human experience in however you choose ( there is that word again).

Identifying a Chosen response in human experience

We can either Act with purpose or React - the choice is yours. In many situations now (and this has taken a lot of practice and self acknowledgement) - I can detach from a healthy standpoint to choose how I wish to respond - what essentially remains true to my core vibration. What brings out in me a state of my own choosing and allowing the situation to show my True Self. I have been known to be extremely reactive in the past and do not get me wrong - I can still be albeit a lot less (phewww) but now I can remove myself and bring myself into my desired state of being so that I may respond in kind. It has take much practice so this approach does not occur overnight - but awareness that you have the choice empowers beyond belief and allows you to look at all situations that occur in life from a calm state - seeing the opportunity in the challenges that can occur. This has been a huge factor in integrating my Spiritual State as a Human being !

Control over emotion / Ego mind chatter

One of my most challenging integration - the Head versus the Heart !  Ultimately if you wish - you can consider this the discussions and sometimes inner battles that occur within quite frequently. These are perfect metaphysical representations of Human versus Spirit. Now we get told to control our Egomind thoughts and chatter - that it is evil and negative all the time and there to test us - well no to all three. Sometimes our head is there to physically protect us and is essentially a huge Human aspect of Self - our Psyche - so there needs to be a healthy dialogue that occurs between Head and Heart so mutual love and respect and understanding can arise. When the two work together then you are doing a perfect integration of Spiritual selves as a human.

I got questioned today about how can we truly do this - and I allowed my Otherworldly friend and teacher whose name has been revealed as Cheron - to provide an  answer because my logical brain can get the better of me at times with the concept of Head vs Heart and in watching the video I am going to type down what he said 

If you look at the vibrational energies of the head and the heart they are extremely different

The head  can be full of doubt concern and protection of self as a human being

The heart has a connection to Divine Source - and allows you the expression of truth , brings away the illusion and shows you things for how they really are

To actually allow both to work collectively - you have to allow them to be in the moment and also acknowledge and work out which is following your highest vibration and excitement and allowing you to follow where you are truly wishing to be

  • If you are finding that you doubting
  • are in a state of worry 
  • that you are imagining things 
  • that you are faking things 
Look into yourself and see that this energy is highly likely coming from the head 

As opposed to the heart saying; 
  • 'You can do this!' , 
  • This is making you feel really good 
  • This is taking you further rather than standing still and going no where
  • This is allowing you to branch out an open up into all aspects of self without putting yourself in a box that is generally trying to keep you safe but not allowing you to branch out and become fully aware of all that is around you

Ask yourself what you are doing in the MOMENT of this inner dialogue- what is happening - are you moving forward -  if the answer is no - your working in the head - if the answer is yes - your working in the heart

Does this make sense ?

Cheron of the 12 Origin - channeled by Phoenix 1st Feb, 2014

Remembering Soul in Source

During times of Life experience that feels chaotic - we sometimes let go things that seem too hard to go into and I personally can state that I have done this numerous times - I have let go my spiritual self and development because I perceived it as requiring too much energy that I just did not have to go around - beeeeeeeeeeeep  WRONG ! hehehe - but hey had to learn the hard way I guess. In the last two years when life got on top of me - I remembered the abundant wisdom and energy that lays in Source/Heaven/Universal Consciousness and I tapped into it - and this was honoring myself in the moment !  Oh sure sometimes it can be a challenge to remember this but because I am now more aware of my Soul team and Otherworldly connections - knowing they are there for me (amongst by beautiful friends and family on earth)  I do not spiral out of control nearly as much as I used too.  

The Soul Essence that lays within me has constant connection to my Over-Soul and I now tap into this for guidance, wisdom and to be shown 'the way' which I am extremely grateful for - also I tap into the energy which is perpetually abundant. I know I give when I can so to maintain the balance I receive with ease as well. Once again Honoring myself   <3

Go gently and Be in the Moment

During times where I am feeling as though I am not part of anything - feeling disconnected and find myself retreating/reflecting very very hard on myself - I feel the cosmic slap from my Soul team and friends. During these times is when you need to treat yourself with gentle kid gloves - go easy on yourself , let go that which no longer serves - allow yourself to just BE in this moment because it is not forever , it is very temporary and very soon you will find that this was a time to re-energise because you will either receive huge influx of creative juices ,or feel a huge cosmic push to 'do' something - epiphanies occur everywhere  OR you will receive an enormous Download of Source Wisdom !!!!! It does at times feel like a spiritual and emotional rollercoaster ride - however soon there will be more HIGH than Low <3

Remember to have Fun – following your highest excitement.  

Wow with life and the desire to make change or better things with self or life - we forget to enjoy and have fun. Play - be a child again. Be out there in nature or One with all that is around you. Still your thoughts from time to time and then laugh with people who know how to have fun. When life gets tough - it is really time to Lighten up - this helps relieves the tension and stress and allows you some clarity of vision and to get REAL - rather then get caught up in the illusion of busy-ness and crazy chaos. If you see the humorous side of (almost) all situations you will find that your approach to them will become easier and more effective.

Follow your highest excitement - that which puts a spring in your step and a bounce in your heart - where you feel giddy and joyful - or where you feel calm and at true peace.


Oh there is that word again !!!  This is what it all boils down too. Whatever you choose - however you integrate your Spiritual in your human You is purely up to you. But whatever you decide - be HAPPY with this - this is what you have chosen - and if you cannot be honestly happy with it - then make peace with it and decide to chose another way when you can - because you can !!!!  Life is eternal and open for adventure and excitement if you just allow it. Your Spiritual side and your Human side are there to integrate freely and easily - with practice and approaches from Divine Energy.

Blessings and much love

Thank you for reading

Phoenix Paton

¨Identifying Chosen response in human experience
¨ T
¨Control over emotion / Ego mind chatter
¨Remembering Soul in Source
¨Go gently and Be in the Moment
¨Remember to have Fun – following your highest excitement.

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