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Mercury going retrograde: Choosing what energies to adopt: Now and always.

Mercury going retrograde: Choosing what energies to adopt: Now and always.

Everything that occurs on a planetary scale has the ability to either effect you individually or on a global scale. Be mindful of anyone that adopts certain characteristics to each cosmic or planetary event because although there is sameness in certain energies around the astrological planes – we still have freedom of choice and the power of thought to either adopt or change the way you behave regardless of what is going on cosmically.

Awareness is the key to anything – awareness of self, awareness of your immediate environment, awareness of your community and what is going on there, awareness nationally and internationally. You choose how you react with every given situation.

Now given what is common characteristically within astrological and numerological events – and awareness of what occurs then will allow you to choose which energy to respond too and which energy to make it what you will. Energy can be manipulated by everyone – either using a physical manipulation within you create certain physical responses – or you can manipulate the energy with the power of thought and creating the reality that works for you.

If you visualise any form of energy and allow it to flow into your hands where you physically create that ball – you can then allow the focus of the direction of that ball into to space which it will benefit or cause great change for the highest good for all. Now you can bring that energy ball within you or allow it filter through your family members.  They will only take that which works for them – ensuring that your intent for this is only for the highest potentiating of what is for all. Globally you can also utilise that energy ball – make it bigger and give back to your beautiful GAIA – or allow it to move into the universe to go where it is needed for this now for this time.

If you do take that energy source into yourself then prepare yourself for the amazing changes that will occur – you may experience an unusual array of molecular change that even stems from your DNA that is currently inert – according to scientists – but is awaiting activation to allow the fluidity of flow from physical to non physical. It may become uncomfortable at times – as you will undergo a change that may bring out physical symptoms that could become challenging for you. Deal with that challenge by bringing your focus into yourself – and give your physical structure the permission to allow the changes to occur for your highest loving goodness. Trust in the process – know that everything is going to be okay and move accordingly.

There are many types of astrological focus for the people on your planet – and it all has a history feature of the ancients where your people had a huge connection with the Universal energies and astrological energies – but the duality focus has been lost along the way and reminding that you also have control over the energies that filter through at certain times – all the way from full moons , to various solar flares, cosmicological events that occur such as death of a star – birth of a star – black holes – even horizons we call them and they also cause vibrational changes that filter through all planets and at times dimensional shifts and connections.

It all comes down to belief in what is occurring alongside the actual energies that are filtering through you. Awareness is the key both within and without – and control over how you respond to the energies and definitions of the cosmic times. You are all very capable of bringing positive change during all times. There are thoughts about mercury going retrograde to be very mindful of relationships, of times of poor communication, and also a time of huge reflection and for some retreating. These are not negative things – there are situations of all these that encourage positive honoring and growth. Retreating allows you the chance to reflect on any issues that may need reflecting on that leads to positive change. Poor communications although difficult at times does help clear the air if you are both able to bring the hurtful words back into perspective during times of argument and resistance. Relationships are something that needs reminding to each participant of worth of the other and this is a time where you can bring out the things needed to ensure that this reminder keeps the relationship strong.

So let us bring us back to the ancients where all the cosmic and astrological energies that occur at certain times are done from a place of awareness and the knowledge that you can do something positive with the energies that are around at the time. Plus you can choose the response to all that is going on around you. All you need do is be mindful – and then bring that energy into a ball – and do with it what you will with pure love , pure intent , and pure positive outcome. Take control again of all that occurs around you – not just during times of major astrological events but for every moment of your current experience.

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