Saturday, 15 February 2014

Self Love and Honor

It is it time – and do you know what time it is for you?  It is time for you to know love, be love, feel love own love, share love, connect with Divine Love that flows through you, around you and within you. Time is the Moments within moments. Choose your moment and create your Love reality.

Why is it that humans feel the need to detach from everything that is so abundantly free out there for them to connect too? It amazes us how much punishment you all seem to do to yourselves when the goings get tough. It need not be that way – ever – that is your choice and if you are happy in that choice – which we see that you are not primarily – then we can understand. We know that some prefer to connect and learn in their harshest ways and that is the way of some and their learning capacity. What is your way? How do you want to embrace your Divine Self connected to Abundant Love – do you want to at all?

Your life is not a causality of punishment for you to learn from – it is to realise that life is providing lessons that allow you to rise up and follow the rainbows in the sky that shows you the diversity that you all have inside, but are able to rise up and just be pure in your own core vibration.

Jump up and reach up for what it is you are trying to achieve in your current life because if you want to follow the flow of your positive momentum – then all things in life – good, bad and what you call ugly is there to lead you towards your highest potential – the energy of your chosen Truth.

There are so many amazing people on your mother earth that is there to love and support one another always and collectively you are all able to use your group thought energy to bring awareness, healing, love and beauty to each and every member of your planet. This is not something for the elite – this is a free gift that should be received by all. Just think if you all consumed your thoughts with Love, Hope, Faith, Joy , Bliss rather than need for Control, Power , Fear , Hate, Money.

Where is society going wrong for humans? Some have forgotten how connected each and every one of you is – whether you have different genders, skin color, sexual preference, spiritual diversity. You are same at your core energy being. How your physical self is portrayed is only a small representation of your core Light being that essentially lays within concurrently. This core light being is part of the collective consciousness that you can all tap into if you choose. You are never alone essentially together as One bringing the energy shifts required for all. No one is superior regardless of states as a human being – spiritually you are all evolving in ways that bring forward the amazing enlightenment and shining glory that all are able to connect with.

Another thing that happens is that serving approach that many of those aware of their roles in giving in life – are not keeping the balance. You need both to be able to receive and provide and to maintain equal energy shares. It is a beautiful gift that many of you give but to do so with ease and without unsettling your natural balance – you also need to give to yourself OR take from the Universal energy stores that are there for the taking. You are not denying others in doing so however you are essentially bringing yourself closer to alignment and in that you will be able to uphold your gifting and soul purpose with ease. We do not have to weaken ourselves because we feel the need to get out there and do do do we need to strengthen so we can be all that our potential dictates fully. Honor yourself always before anything that you do in life because then you will remain in perfect balance. Do not forget this because it is the key to understanding how you can integrate all that should come into your life with ease.

The ways to do this is to Love Yourself wholeheartedly and allow the changes that occur within you because of this to happen naturally. Do not worry, do not concern yourself with humanism because the Universal energies are right there for you to tap into at any point. If you have a concern about something in your life – hand that over to your guides, the universal consciousness, or your God Source because then you can move forward with ease as things manifest accordingly to bring forward all that is required in your current moment. Feel the love that flows freely too you when you ask for support and guidance.

Dana (GAIA energy) channeled by Phoenix

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