Saturday, 1 February 2014

Embracing Awareness and Intent

Come ye child of the stars and allow us to carry you along the carrier wave of awareness and understanding. You are fully aware of the ins and outs of how things work with our significant method of communication so you know how to put aside your Egomind and bring out your heartsong to be heard by those who are willing to listen. Beautiful healing messages of understanding, insight and guidance will be worked through you to ensure the person that is blessed to walk your path, will learn an amazing aspect of themselves that will change their path if they choose to do so – and it will always be for their highest good.

Intent is the key to any form of healing – because although you are using tools within you with the solar spark of wisdom that lays at the breast of your soul fragment – it is the connection to source , the divine that will never fail you. Always take heed your thoughts, your visions , your physical body, your coding of the messages that you will then in turn interpret accordingly – will resonate with the people that come to you and they will go away feeling like they can walk on air. At times the message will be challenging to hear but it will work its healing magick as it will connect with them at their core level – because you are the conduit that brings soul to source – Mind to heart – Love to Bliss.

This is your passion, your soul purpose – to open the eyes to many and you will determine a wonderful way of balancing life with passion – your passion – to ensure that your work that you do on your planet helps create the ripples of vibration along the waves of awareness and understanding. Bring into your day of first  - a stone of awareness – you already know which one to take and through that if you feel that your thoughts are getting lost – then take three deep breaths and look into this crystal and see / feel / heal and stabilise for once again your heart will speak what is needed for the healing moment between you the conduit , we the spirit , and the blessed person that connects with you on this day and all days to follow.
This is the right thing to do and all will flow easily , just centre and breathe and know that your own knowledge and wisdom will come forward naturally when you move past this state of newness and questioning. Never let it stagnate your growth loveling because you are cherished for the amazing work that you currently do and will do for all eternity – here now and always.

Thank you cherished one for you will be glorious and we will ensure that the abundant flow of the universe ensures that you are prepared and shared around all that is needed. Beautiful child of StarLight and Fireborn – you are right where you need to be. Work through the human energies that bring you concern – embrace the spiritual energies that allow you to BE free to follow your heart with blissful awareness. You are consciousness, you are wisdom and you are glorified in all that surround you. Blessed child of Light – be One with all of us to provide to the people who cross your path – methods and guidance towards their own Way of enlightenment.

Namaste, Namaste Namaste 

Channeled message from Dana - by Phoenix

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