Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Follow your Highest Excitement

Follow your Highest Excitement

What is it in your life, dears that you want to attract in your life. You need remember that you are in full control of all that you allow. If there are actions in life that you are doing/repeating/attracting what you need to do is ask yourself “Is this what I truly want?”

If you approach things from fear – that is essentially the energy that you are putting out into the Universe – if it consumes you then you can easily manifest what you are resonating out into the world around you. Conversely if you want higher energies or experiences in life – then once again you can resonate and send out into the Universal consciousness your highest intent. Ultimately what consumes you – is what will be easily manifested around you however the choice always remains with you. The power always remains with you. External conditions/situations/actions – are just that – EXTERNAL – to you – and how you respond inwardly will generate a response that works for your highest core vibrational energy.

We watch all the pictures that you are all posting and wondering why some of you are so fearful or are concerned about what they are experiencing. Be very mindful when you assess a situation that you are not using your ‘human eyes’ but you are using your spiritual Sight – which is based around the – what you call – Clair strengths of sight/hearing/feeling/knowing and all the many senses that humans possess. Your human eyes can sometimes provide you with interpretations based on your own experiences and personal values and morale’s. When you ‘look’ at the pictures – we suggest you close your eyes and open up your spiritual ones using all Clairs mentioned. This will aid in your connection without interference (for want of a better word) of visual human interpretation.

We do not understand why some people consistently immerse themselves in actions that stimulate fear when all fear is an illusionary human construct that is not always based on Truth and reason. LET IT GO, LET IT GO, LET IT GO. We are not telling you to avoid a healthy approach to the duality of good vs bad but we are asking you to follow your highest excitement. Have faith in the control that you have over your humanistic lives because that allows you to believe in your Self in all given Moments.

When you follow your highest excitement that which brings you joy then you will naturally be surrounded by that which will continue to resonate and generate more of this energy around you. What is it that you want in your current life both humanistically and spiritually? When you make the decision can you make peace with it? This will allow you to sustain your highest disc vibration that you are willing to be on – we hope this makes sense but know that more needs to be discussed on this to allow many of your to release that which no longer serves you.
Cheron channeled by Phoenix 4th Feb, 2014

The current energies of the cosmos are extreme and will be for the first half of this year. Many of you are going to be facing your fears and what you do need to realize is that you are not alone with it. Ensure that you fear is based on reality. Some of you may be experiencing things from incarnation(s) that your soul has had and need in this life to finally stand in your highest truth away from fear.


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